Blush, Gold & White Resin Coasters (6)


Blush coasters uniquely poured with pigmented resin to create an original functional piece of art. Blush pink is a soft pale hue giving a neutral contemporary look. It reminds me of that soft innocent baby skin tone my children had when they were only days old.

These coasters are delicate yet classy, with soft highlights of gold and white. Serve in style with these beautiful coasters the perfect addition to any coffee table.


Set of 6 Coasters measuring 8.5cm in diameter with gold holder, after 14 days resin is heat resistant up to 93C. At temperatures as high as that, the cured pieces may become a little flexible but once they cool off, they will harden up again. Typically, the heat from a hot mug will not damage the resin surface on a coaster.

Please allow 5-7 working days for dispatch

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm